Standing (Devedeset)

Hi - I’m new to zwift, using Wahoo Kickr with iOS. I’m doing the Build Me Up program and during Devedeset when it tells me to stand I can’t seen to get enough resistance. What am I missing? I’ve done all the spindowns, and everything seems to be connected.

Are you doing the workout in ERG mode? What gear combo are you in? What wattage and at what cadence are you trying to hit?

In ERG mode the trainer should adjust the resistance so that the watt target is achieved regardless of cadence. If the wattage target is too high for the gear combo, like trying to hit 350 watts with a 60 cadence in the 34 x 32 combo, the trainer will not be able to apply enough resistance to get there. In that case you just need to shift to a harder gear.

if you are in ERG mode, remember to lower your cadence when you stand – 100 RPM standing will be nasty, but 70 should be pretty nice.

when you lower cadence in ERG mode, resistance will increase so pedalling should get harder. (ERG is trying to keep a steady wattage, so slower pedalling means more resistance – be careful! there is a death spiral that can kick in here!)

Hi there - I wasn’t in erg mode. I shifted until I was out of gears and there wasn’t enough resistance to pedal smoothly. The target cadence was 70 and 160 watts (I think).