Stage races in swift

Can y’all introduce stage races
How it can work so more people can join

  • you do the same course for the whole day and you have time slots, so you join the time slot that works best for your schedule very day. And when you finish the race it shows the results of all the time slots together.

It can’t be a race if you don’t all start at the same time as your result is impacted by those you ride with.

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Isn’t that more or less how ZwiftPower leagues work for the existing multi-stage events? The prime time races rule the day either way, right?

There is Flame Rouge Racing (FRR) during fall through winter stage racing with ZRl style stages and ITT thrown in. Chasing Tour (CT) during spring-summer which is just finish time but longer stage races. Multiple start slots each days. So a total of: 5 one week long races, 1 two week long races, and 3 grand tours. throughout the year. The one week race will go with a theme coastal routes or a set map (watopia) or connected maps (london/yorkshire/scotland or france/paris). The multi weeks will be all maps being used.