Stage 3 best of? now 2 laps? keep it in the racing place

So Stage 3 is now , 2 lap race not 1 lap race that i did i on Sunday, why is it not Pin posted here ?

i had find out watch streamer, your C doing 2 laps, not 1 lap?

if race has been race there is oversite , Pin posted to the Top. saying hey you may have to redo this race.

it look like i have to redo it now.

This forum is based on Discourse and what you can do as a user is based on your “Trust” level. I believe what you are and are not allowed to do is also configurable for each Discourse forum (meaning it is customizable). Since you are a relatively new forum user here, I think you haven’t earned enough “trust” yet to be able to include a link. It shouldn’t take too long to earn this level of “trust” as I am a relative newcomer as well, but I have interacted in other Discourse forums for a while now.

See here for the default settings (which seem to indicate you normally can include no more than two hyperlinks, but again, customizable. I suspect they limit it to avoid spammers and bots):

Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

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