Stage 3 Best of...Laps wrong

Based in the UK this morning’s Stage 3 1 lap, now changed to 2 laps before returning to 1 lap later tonight. Results of 1 lap to be removed or 2 lap races reduced?

Good spot BB, it was 1 lap when I signed up to a few, but the 1710 and 1810 GMT are now 2 lap (as is the 1510 that just started a few minutes ago).

Stage 3 this week should be one lap according to “Best Of” ZRacing December Series Details | Zwift Insider

@James_Zwift @shooj Can we please have the incorrect two lap runnings of race 3 scrubbed from the GC record and have all runnings for the rest of the week changed to the announced single lap ~14Km?

Oops. That’s a fine mess.

Also noticed something was off, hopefully this is something that can be fixed. Us riders that rode 2 laps though also would have ridden slower to conserve energy for 2 laps as opposed to 1 lap.

From Eric’s article posted on 30th November (updated 12th December) …

So Stage 3 is now , 2 lap race not 1 lap race that i did i on Sunday, why is it not Pin posted here ?

i had find out watch streamer, your C doing 2 laps, not 1 lap?

if race has been race there is oversite , Pin posted to the Top. saying hey you may have to redo this race.

it look like i have to redo it now.

No comment from Zwift

@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ This need to be in the racing part move it back.

why i put into the racing spot it was racing thing.