Sprint/KOM/overall AI

How about a feature where you could turn on a physical representation of the current jersey holders sprint/KOM ? It would be more like an actual race to see the rider you are challenging and how far ahead or behind you they are instead of just chasing a number. The AI could be translucent green for sprints, polka dotted for KOM and orange for the overall. Could make it toggle able so riders could pick and choose which jersey they want to challenge for or none at all. 

That is a good idea although if the data came direct from the server then it would maybe bog the system down a bit if there were a lot of riders on the course. If the data could be processed by our own p.c’s then it might work. I’m no programer so might be no problem at all.

True and with the jersey switching hands all the time it may be hard to accomplish. I am no programmer either but I thought it would make for a more realistic experience. 

I would like to see it as well though. Three ghosts per lap for each current rider with constant updates could be a lot of programing. If the data could be sent to our pc and done from our side then I think it would be fun and motivational.

I was just thinking that would be a nice feature to add. (Although I would call it a “ghost” rather than an “AI”) You could have the clients download the replay data when a new time is posted if streaming uses too much bandwidth. It also scales very easily, as a ghost system would be essentially the same whether you have 3 or 30 leaderboards; you just end up with more data.