Speed too high with Garmin speed sensor

I’m using Garmin speed, cadens and heart sensor, via ANT+ to USB on portable.
In general, my speed on Zwift is always very high without much effort (40km/h), and even when trying all the wheelsizes in the speed sensor configuration, I cannot get it down. My power is always around or above 400… No fun like this flying through the streets and passing everybody… Any idea how to calibrate further the speed sensor ?

What trainer are you using?

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No known trainer. It is just a spinning bike on which I have put a Garmin speed sensor on the spinning wheel and cadence sensor on the pedal.

Any way to increase the resistance on the spin bike?


For a spinning bike there is no speed/power curve because Zwift does not know at what resistance setting the bike is set at.

You could turn the resistance knob until you get to a more reasonable speed but it will not be realistic, but at least you can train and have a bit of fun.

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Hello, It happens the same to me. Did you found any way to configurate? I’ve try all the wheels size and using more weight but it keeps going to high ( about 20% more). Thanks.