Speed to high

Dear All,

I’m really new in Zwift and it looks really great and I want to use it. I’m now in the test period, but i mentioned a problem with me speed in Zwift.
I have a Elite Direto (also new, calibrated and works well with my Garmin Egge 1030 and with the App My E Training from Elite. If I’m connected to Zwift, with my Direto over ANT+ then the values for Power and Cadense are nearly equal to the data i can see in parallel in my Garmin Edge, but the speed is to high , f.e I see 30 km/h on my Garmin, but 37 km/h in Zwift.

Do you have an explanation or solution for me, to have the same values for speed ?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards


Your Garmin does not know anything about the virtual elevation within Zwift, the speeds will hardly ever match.

Speed within Zwift is calculated b your watts, your weight entered, in-game bike used, in-game drafting and virtual elevation changes.