Speed Smoothing

As an avid user of running on Zwift I find myself continually distracted by the constant changing of the reported speed/pace. I use the RUNN device which is effectively sending data with each pass of a sticker.
The net result is that the reported pace constantly changes in line with the slowing and speeding up of the belt with each foot strike.

I’ve watched videos of people using all sorts of different devices and it happens with them all. Some are better than others.

So can we have an option whereby this is smoothed out and the pace reported over a longer time period, say 3 or 5 seconds?

I agree with you. I use the Runn as well.

I made a small device to hold the Runn over the moving tread, but not attached to the treadmill itself. This helped with some of the fluctuations from running hard and bouncing on the treadmill. However the constant speed changes are a bit annoying as you mention.

I realize there will be some changes as the foot hits the tread, it’s inherent in treadmill running. When I look at he mile splits its about right which is great. Having some bit of averaging would eliminate some of the fluctuation, but we may then have to ignore a small lag in speeding up and slowing down.

I guess you could have it as an option to toggle on and off. That said Zwift would still be recording the changes in speed, just not displaying them as frequent so for anybody doing intervals the data would still be correct.

The fluctuations are less with commercial treadmills as they are far better at maintaining a constant speed but these are out of the price range of most of us. Home use treadmills are underpowered and even with a 3hp continuous motor my belt struggles to offer constant speed to the Runn.