Smooth pace of runners on nearby list [SOLVED]

By default, rider power is averaged over 3 seconds, so it’s fairly smooth when displayed in the Zwifters Nearby board. Plus, it’s typically only 1-2 digits changing at a time so the changes don’t grab your attention unless you’re watching the list. A runner’s pace, on the other hand, can fluctuate greatly and it’s definitely an eye grabber when these rapid changes start flashing. Today I saw a runner and their pace was constantly changing within a huge 3 minute range. It would be great if this pace display was smoothed out the same way that it is for bikers.

Upon closer inspection, it looks like rider power (W/kg) only updates once per second. Runner pace, meanwhile, updates constantly. I think this is what’s causing it to be so distracting. Simply changing the refresh rate to match bikers would be perfect here.

I think it also depends on what type of sensor you are using. When I started I used my treadmill (Bowflex BXT 216) to transmit speed to zwift. I’d notice a fluctuation of .1 to .2mph every other second or so when my foot struck and slowed down the belt.

Now I used a Stryd foot pod and my pace/speed is much more stable and rarely fluctuates - unless I am grabbing for a towel/wiping my sweat or increase my treadmill speed.

I think the lower end foot pods are much more erratic in their reporting and those are the ones that are jumping around so much.

We’re working on this issue and hope to smooth out the intensely flickering running pace numbers in the Zwifters Nearby feed. If that runner is on a smart treadmill, that pace will tend to be more stable vs. someone using a foot pod.

To clarify: this is something you notice about another person’s running pace in your Zwifters nearby feed. If you’re the one running, your own heads up display (HUD) will show a more stable running pace than a third person seeing you on their “Nearby” feed.

It looks like this got fixed last week, right? It looks great now!