Speed and distance

(Reinhold Brezovszky) #1

I wondered why I was last on Strava ranking - even though I would agree that I’m simply too weak it’s something else.

Look at this ride at strava: http://app.strava.com/activities/215152410 It’s 20.4 km The same ride on TrainingPeaks http://tpks.ws/27Ky is 48.1 km. These 48.1 km was the distance given to me when I was riding in Zwift.

I’m using a Kickr and a Garmin Cadence & Speed sensor (even though the speed sensor can’t read anything on a Kickr). Power-, cadence- and heartrate-readings seem to be correct while reading. Speed (which seems to be a function of power) seems to be in line with real life experience (at least if I were not weighing 90 kg) :slight_smile:

After uploading to Strava the distance and speed suddenly got reduced. This might be the reason why I can’t hold the speed of the AIs. When i was on the track E. Min was riding as well, I couldn’t catch his wheel either. So maybe this is related somehow to the Strava issue.

Furthermore it seems that the graphics are not very smooth, but rather a bit studdering/jerking (not sure about the correct verb here). It’s not really bad but it’s recognizeable. As well the rider seems to pedal at maybe 50 rpm. This might be that I need a faster computer, a faster Internet connection or it might be related to the speed issue as well.

If it is related to compuer speed I would try to replace it by a faster one, within the next week(s). But if it’s something else this would mean wasting money. I cannot get a faster Internet connection as there is no way here to get anything faster than 5 MBit. Any ideas on that?

(anon46748293) #2

“If it is related to computer speed I would try to replace it by a faster one”.

Sorry for jumping in but I think providing your system specs CPU type/speed, amount of RAM, type of the Video Card will help to answer

(Reinhold Brezovszky) #3

Doesn’t matter. Just ordered a new i7 4790 4x 3.6 with 8 GB RAM. I should find out latest this weekend. :wink: I’ll keep you posted if this changes the distance issue.

I guess it’s gonna make the graphics smoother anyway.

(Reinhold Brezovszky) #4

So here’s what I tested today. I tried with another (faster) computer. It’s an i7 but still it’s a notebook. I then connected the cadence/speed sensor only for cadence (as speed is useless on a Kickr as there is no wheel to take the speed from).

I was quite a bit faster this time but still behind some times that were done with lower Watts. However I had the task manager running and it showed all the time (at least the time I was looking at it) less than 100 % CPU usage.

I then disconnected the speed/cadence sensor on the first computer and reconnected only the cadence part as well. I then was once again faster than on yesterdays’ runs, but slower compared to the runs on the notebook.

Not sure what to make of that, but I guess this could help the developers to find some things. Maybe there’s gonna be another result when the all new computer takes over. I’ll keep you informed on the results.

Another observation (even though this might just be an imagination and not true) is that after disconnecting the speed sensor seemed to bring in the feeling of riding at the correct speed (more or less). When the speed sensor was connected I could ride without shifting but speed was adjusted.