Southern Cross

(Mats Aadde(Neo)) #1

I’ve been looking for the Southern Cross in the start skies of Watopia. It’s in the Southern hemisphere so maybe it should be there? Would be cool and true to Zwift-form if us northerners could see it since it never appears on the northern hemisphere…:wink:

(Mats Aadde(Neo)) #2

Starry skies …

(Tim Camden WBR (C)) #3

The Sky in Zwift appears to be a Northern sky.

(Mats Aadde(Neo)) #4

That’s unzwiftly…

(Jon Mayfield) #5

I’m an astronomy guy myself and very much want the skies to be accurate (as well as the moon phases), but truth be told it’s so far down on our ‘things to do’ list that it hasn’t ever made it near the top.    It’s been on the todo list even since before Zwift was formed as a company :).

It’ll be one of those things we fix if one of our programmers ever has spare time that doesn’t take away from our core feature development.

(Mats Aadde(Neo)) #6