Night Sky

I just wanted to thank the Zwift designers for another cool world detail.

I am an amateur astronomer and I enjoy seeing familiar constellations such as Taurus, the Pleiades and I think I was seeing Orion rising from Radio Tower Hill today.

It will be fun to watch the constellations change with the seasons, just like real life.

I’m not as well versed in the constellations from the southern hemisphere.

From the US we see Orion looking toward south but from the Solomon Islands, I guess I’m looking north.

We wont be able to see the Big Dipper.



Can’t say as I’d noticed but this is another thing I can keep my eye out for when riding and thus not concentrate on the suffering…

Well I saw the Big Dipper going up Radio Hill.

I guess the sky will be a northern sky and not the sky from the Solomon Islands.

I agree. I do enjoy seeing the night sky and I was impressed to see Taurus and the Pleiades.

I’ve recently started doing my Zwift ‘joyrides’ with no UI and you notice many things like this.