sound when elevation changes in Zwift run

Hello.  Would it be possible for there to be a sound/beep when the elevation changes in Zwift run?  Maybe a high-pitched sound when the elevation increases and a low-pitched sound when the elevation decreases?  Most runners don’t stare at the elevation % section of the screen when they run, so giving us a heads-up that the elevation has changed (so we can make that change on our treadmill) would be very helpful.  Also, could the colorizing be changed from showing our effort level (percentages at 9 or above are red, between 5 and 9 are yellow, etc.)–since we already know if we are working hard or not–to something that changes based on how soon and in which direction the next elevation change will be?  For example, if the elevation percentage number will stay the same for more than, say, 10 more seconds, the number is a solid black number, but when it is within 10 seconds of changing, it could blink.  And when it starts to blink, perhaps it could also change color: to red if it is about to go up (get steeper) and to green if it is going down (less steep).  These two changes would be very much appreciated.  Thank you for your consideration.