Small thing: Add hint text to mission badges

Hey there, I was looking at older mission badges, some are super obvious, but some aren’t quite so obvious - like the purple one in the image below as an example. Forget what that was for.

The other badges all have hint text to remind you what they are (like the alpe badge in the screenshot below says “complete the alpe in 60mins etc…). But the mission ones don’t show anything when you select them. Maybe add hint text to those mission ones too?

This is probably also an accessibility issue, but I mainly wanted to remember what these missions were :slight_smile:

Again, it’s a small thing, but while I’m here: what was that purple mission badge for?

Looks like Zwift Academy


You are of course correct - I had totally forgotten I had done the Zwift Academy workouts! Either way it would be nice for the hint text to show up and say “Zwift Academy 2022” when you select it similar to how the non-mission badges work.