Sit Bone Soreness

Any suggestions to relieve sit bone soreness while Zwifting? I have a beefy comfy ISM saddle that I can ride for miles & miles out on the road. But after about an hour Zwifting, the pain starts to build. I’ve tried gel pads and even cut out the chamois from an old pair of shorts. If anyone has a hack, let me know.

Try making a conscious effort to vary your position on the bike (stand up once in a while, try different hand positions on the bars etc.). Riding outdoors, one does this automatically without even really noticing.


A rocker plate can help.

I had a similar problem after coming back to cycling at the start of the year after a bad crash. I was suddenly only doing indoor training. My seat suddenly became uncomfortable for a few weeks and I was getting sit bone soreness.

A rocker plate will help. I have a Direto and made it rock by placing some soft balls under the feet as well as putting some tennis balls under the mid-line, but its Direto specific. There’s a facebook group for this sort of thing. Other than that I found the following little things also helped : good chamois bibs, ride more you get used to it, changing the saddle angle, raising the front wheel a little, lowering the seat height a little and finally, having a good fan to direct airflow to the crotch area to help keep it getting too damp.


I appreciate the reply.


Chris Romero

There is the usual advice of moving around.

I assume you are using the saddle as it was designed.

I use ISM saddles. PN, PR and PS and setup other riders. I notice sit bone soreness on the trainer if the nose of my saddle is too high. It would never occur if I was riding on the road.

Try tweaking your position. Micro adjust seat post is good if you don’t have one. You might be able to improve your road position if you keep the bike level.

I get a lot of soreness as well but I have found that standing up for a minute or two every half hour helps out. I used to have a soft saddle but changing to a stub nosed road saddle made things better to my surprise. The soft saddle was killing my soul and body for the riding I was doing.

Hi, I’ve found that my trainer with front wheel support leaves the bike not level as would be on the road, I’ve changed the saddle for my mtb one which helped, but adjusting the seat angle slightly made the most difference.

For sit bones specifically I also find that it is just a matter of getting used to longer rides again. The discomfort comes when I haven’t done any multi-hour rides in maybe two months or so and goes away on its own in a week or two. No big difference here between indoors and outdoors.

Had exactly same issue. Comfy on the road, total ■■■■ on Zwift.

Solution is probably very simple. Are you using wheel block on front? If yes, check if this doesn’t mess up with your saddle angle. Many of the trainers, with standard road wheels do not require wheel block, because otherwise it raises your bike up, and changes it to ‘constant climbing’ position. Even if you’re not using wheel block check your seat level as well and see if it is the same as outdoors (just mount your back wheel back if you’re using DD trainer). I stopped using wheel block and it was immediate remedy for this.
The best for most is to have saddle level, not upwards or downwards.

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I had the same issue. Can ride multiple hours outdoors but after an hour indoors I started hurting. I make an effort to very my position as much as possible, including up and out of the saddle even if for only 30 seconds at a time. I have started using chamois cream for the first time ever as well. That seems to help. Now that I am on the trainer for 6-7 hours a week I seem to be adjusting and no longer have soreness but it took a while to get here.