signs of life

Great job guys. How about adding some signs of life? Wildlife in the country side & people in the cities, cafes & beaches. Maybe even spectators cheering along the course. Watopia and Richmond are eerily abandoned.

Keep up the good work & thanks.

Agreed. e.g People sat outside at the cafés complete with soundtrack when you go by. Sounds of life in the mountain town. There’s already sounds from the fairground (although I haven’t heard them in a while)

Where is Hank?

Jarvis Island had a banjo player, but i think he must have missed the flight or didn’t have a passport or something.

Also, has anyone seen that squirrel recently?  Talking of wildlife, that whale concerns me.  We’ve had a spate of beaching here in the UK recently and no way is that water deep enough for a whale to be swimming around in.

Hi guys, 

Thanks a lot for your suggestions, I’ll add them on the request list and will see if other people will vote it up so we can put it onto our radar. 

In meantime stay tuned and Ride On!

Dutch corner somewere maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

Along these lines, a fun thing that provides a little levity is to add some goofy random sounds such as a bellowing elephant, dinosaur roar, etc. or possibly some musical bits like a gong or xylophone riff.

Agreed…  Signs of life please… If you feel like you are going to ad cars.  I would only add a race directors car for races at the front or a race of course…  Maybe some neutral support cars just rolling around would be cool… Moto/camera bikes might be cool in a race or on a climb…Especially if your killing it on a KOM

Will comment to keep this thread alive as well…

I’m a casual/intermediate cyclist here in Alaska, love being able to take a trip through green environments when it’s cold, sleeting, icy, and dark outside.  Stupid as it sounds, the little things that set pieces of the environment apart help keep me motivated and interested…similar to running into (or biking away from) a moose on the singletrack here in Anchorage…

I’d love more random wildlife, people, and/or weird encounters.  I could see some people hating that addition - maybe a toggle to turn these off/on?  It would break up going over the same courses by adding some randomness and change.