Signal from Trainer is dropping

I am using Kickr Core (Firmware 1.0.12. Which is the latest) and Zwift on my Galaxy Tab S2 (Android 7). Lately I am experiencing dop outs of my trainer after around 20-30min. It says “no signal” trying to restart the trainer or anything doesnt help, the only things that helps usually is restarting my tablet. In addition I am connecting HR and Cadence sensors, here no dropout appears. Also I am using the Companion app on my Android phone.
Anyone experiencing similar issues or has solutions how to fix this?

Help is greatly appreciated

HI Sebastian,
Are you connecting BLE directly via your tablet, or trying to use the companion app as a bridge?

Connecting it directly with my tablet.

I use a Kickr core with galaxy s4 tab and have the same problem. It seems even more unstable if I connect to a BT speaker with the tablet as well. My hr strap and bt speaker connection is stable, but the Kickr core reads “no signal” in zwift. Only thing that helps is rebooting the tablet.

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