Show Ride data

From the list of activities I would like to have chance to view my ride data as it was shown directly after the ride. I know that I can connect to others services like Garmin or download the .fit file for deeper analysis on my Laoptop. However, for an overview and to decide whether I should download, it would be fully sufficient to have such basic reports. 

Do you get the gross summary at the end of your ride?

It has times distance, heart rate and power distributions.

If you are not, and you are using a PC, are you using a cell phone as a remote?

If you are and you stopping your ride with the remote, try stopping the ride directly on the PC.

It is very inconvenient, but it is the only way i can find to access the stats.

But note, while you are looking your ride has not actually ended until you click to the next screen where you are asked if you want to upload the ride to Strava or not.