Shifting Chainrings Mid-Ride with Zwift Cog: Does It Adjust in Real-Time?

Hi you guys!
Pretty new to Zwift so hoping someone can help me answer this. (Sorry if its too dumb a question)

Does the Zwift Hub One trainer, when using the Zwift Cog, continuously adjust to gear changes during a ride with its ‘real gear ratio calibration’ feature, if you change from one chain ring to another

Specifically, I’m curious about shifting between the big and small chainring during a Zwift session and how that affects the accuracy of the displayed wattage.

I know you are ment to use the clickker.

But I want to know whether Zwift and the Zwift Cog accurately reflect these changes in real-time to ensure the displayed wattage matches the actual physical effort after shifting chainrings.

Could you provide clarity on whether this calibration is a one-time process at the beginning of a ride, or if it dynamically adjusts throughout the ride to accommodate gear changes?

One time

So would it be considered cheating to switch from the big to the small chainring during a session if, for example, you’re in the middle of Alpe du Zwift?

Considered by whom? I’m not bothered by people changing their game settings or gearing. There are so many worse forms of manipulation to think about.

Maybe for “official” vEveresting, if they’ve even considered it. I believe they don’t allow trainer difficulty lower than 100%, and this would have a similar effect of making the steepest parts more manageable.

Outside of that I don’t see how or why it would be considered cheating. It certainly wouldn’t make you faster.