Settings for a Cycleops Mag trainer

I have an older CycleOps Mag Trainer. My setup uses a NPE Cable device to transmit my Garmin speed/cadence and heart rate sensors to my iPad. Seems like the distance is way off when I compare to my Garmin 810.

Are there settings in Zwift that will help me to get more accuracy?



The speed and distance between Zwift and the Garmin will hardly ever match.

How Zwift speed is calculated for classic trainers:

Zwift takes the wheel speed broadcast by your speed sensor and the power curve of the trainer you select on the Pairing Screen and converts that to virtual watts. With those watts, the weight entered, height entered, in-game bike used, in-game drafting (Tri and TT bikes get no drafting boost), in-game wheel set, in-game road surface, and in-game virtual elevation changes your in-game speed is determined.

The Gamin does not know anything about the in-game variables within Zwift (different bikes, virtual elevation changes and such).

Thanks Paul! So I understand the only variables are the selection of the mag trainer and my personal profile (height and weight)?

Please reread my post. The Garmin does not know about the in-game variables such as virtual elevation changes, in-game bikes, drafting, different surfaces, ect…

This question comes up a lot for new users and the best answer I can give you is to ignore the what speed and distance are showing on the Garmin, they will not match what is displayed on Zwift.

Going up a virtual incline your in-game speed will decrease and going down your speed will increase, your Garmin does not know about this.

Your height and weight are not variables.

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