Separate racings Cats

Hey Zwift…why have you not yet separated A,B,C,D cats in racing. Did the 3R London Classique Reverse 4 Lap race yesterday and I believe results were skewed as A and B were combined. A’s towed front group of B’s who could hang on the subtle inclines, a couple in no mans land, and a first chase group of B’s was behind. First 7 B riders finished in the middle of the A group, then there was the gap to a couple B’s solo, the first chase group of which I was part, 2+minutes back. If you have the power to get up the subtle inclines towed by A’s, you make the break. Race would be more interesting without that dynamic…

That is what you get when doing 3R races. They don’t like to separate the categories.

Zwift does have a option for race organizers to separate the different categories. So in short if you don’t want to race other categories avoid all 3R races.

I use this filter to find races where you only see your own Category.

Ah, I didn’t realize it was a race organizer decision! Definitely, otherwise I may as well just join the A race, which was the reality of the situation. Thanks for the info!

Organisers can split them but what they can’t do is stop riders joining the wrong pens and race down cats which is a major problem and the community have been asking for it to be fixed for years.

I suppose if they required all racers to register on Zpower that could be less of an issue…?

yep but they don’t want to or can’t resource development time to do that. If you are really bored read here

Yep. That’s quite the rabbit hole…will peruse later thanks. I don’t get bent out of shape over inequities of Zwift racing because it still serves it’s purpose for me…hard effort with carrots to chase. I will, however, perhaps choose a race where cats are not combined, and could make a better wheel choice for the flat races because I’m a pretty light rider…