Segment history mixing different user accounts (London)

In London, two of us use the same Wahoo Kickr, and the same iPad, but with different accounts, each uploading to separate Strava accounts. Here’s Cara’s history on the London Loop, after her ride today, per the Zwift Insider London loop segment.

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 6.36.26 PM

Note she’s done it four times, including today.

However, on Zwift, it includes an additional time, 29 minutes, which is associated with my account. This activity appears on my activity feed and my Strava account. However, it was indicated as her PR on the screen as she rode the course. Additionally, my time on Box Hill appeared as she rode the climb. These times agree with the Strava times, with the omission of today’s result (not yet listed) and the result 31 days prior (which is beyond 30 days). However, the 29 minute time shouldn’t be included.

Here are my Strava times. One is in the preceding 30 days, which is the time listed on her list:

Is this a bug or a feature? Or is it perhaps the consequence of an internet break during an activity (or similar) that corrupted records in the game? And is this PR list kept locally on the iPad or is it kept on the game servers?


PRs are kept locally but you would expect it to be on a per user basis as well.

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Thanks! So the solution would either:

  • edit a file (assuming it’s not binary encoded, and I can access it on the iPad)
  • delete the app and do fresh install (assuming user files are also deleted)
  • or allow the 30-day window for the corrupt data to pass (which in this particular instance should have happened today, the day after my posting, although a similar issue happened with another activity, on 25 April on Leith Hill).
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It’s not just London: the same issue has occurred on the Titan’s Grove KOM.