Seems legit

6th best time totally seems legit!

I would love to do some races, but I really see no point. It just wouldn’t be fun for me.

I don’t see the point of this post?

The race you show here is the “ZHR Hare & Hounds Race”.

This is a handicap race in which groups of riders will set off at timed intervals, the quickest going last; the aim is for a group to catch the one in front and/or stay away from the group behind them in hot pursuit. The key to success is working together, as no lone rider should be capable by themselves of catching the group ahead.

So D started first then after x time C then B then A


Look at all the stats. No way a b group rider should win. I was in the a draft the whole time.

Look like 4 C riders took the first 4 places?

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It’s not even the group that matters. Lead every meaningful power category by a good margin over them.

I don’t understand either? Are you mad because someone has 4.5 w/kg ?

Zwift does have some cheaters but there are lots of really strong riders too

@Pea: here its nicely visible. You didnt catch C.


Either I don’t understand the complaint or you don’t understand handicap racing. It doesn’t matter how well you did: other groups have a head start. Depending on course, group numbers, how well they work together, etc. you may or may not catch them each time


Oh I understand. Look at the power numbers. I was in a 15 person draft. Zwifts draft logic is trash. So a larger group can average 120w less and go faster. Pretty sure that isn’t the case in the real world.

I’m not sure they actually went faster, so much as they just finished ahead of your group. I think (but am not positive) the overall time that is shown is the elapsed time from when the first group in the event started, not the time from when your group started.So if your group started 5 minutes later (clock time) but finished only 1:30-ish behind (race time), I think you actually went 3-and-a-half minutes faster than the C group.


you are right, i dont see anything wrong here either

Yeah the point of these handicap races is the faster riders have to overcome the headstart that the slower riders get. These are some of the most fun races around if you understand what is happening

This hits the nail on the head and the overall time shown does indeed include the handicap. As shown above in the graph provided by Andre, they rode faster than Group C but didn’t catch them.