See who gave me a RideOn! and return the favour/favor!

Similar to this request, it would be nice to give RideOns back to others, in the spirit of the community. I find that when somebody gives me a RideOn, I often miss the name that flashes up at the top of the screen telling me who it was.

It would be nice to have a way to access a list of the RideOns you have received while still on a ride, either on the screen (maybe a clickable thumb somewhere) or via the mobile app, and easily give that person a return RideOn directly from this list without having to search through the list of rider names to find the name of the person.

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Great idea.  I forget which Function key is the “Ride On” key, but perhaps the shifted version of that key could be to “Return the most recent Ride On”

@Norm - the function key for “Ride On” is simply to shout “Ride On” and not to actually give a RideOn to somebody, since in a group the software has no idea who you are giving a RideOn to. I’m referring to actually giving a RideOn, which currently involves finding a person, clicking them (either in game or on MobileLink) and clicking the RideOn button.