Secondary ride leader

(Hans Laakso SZR) #1

I take up the tread from Jason Jason_The_Shepherd_H

Yellow (current) for primary ride leader - the person who sets the pace of the ride and around whom all riders should congregate.

Silver (proposed) for secondary ride leader - the person who supervises the back of the main group (assuming the group splits) to help people get back on. Secondary leader would also be backup if primary drops out. That way it wouldn’t be as big a surprise as it is currently when the backup leader appears in an unexpected position because no-one knew who the backup was going to be.

Bronze (proposed) for sweep or designated ‘helper’ - to gather up those who are struggling or who have suffered tech issues and want to be part of a group ride, but have no hope of catching the main group ahead. Being able to form a group at or towards the back allows slower riders to enjoy the draft rather than penalising them for dropping off the back. If they were struggling already they should be encouraged and nurtured to foster an inclusive ride community, not made to feel that continuing is pointless. This helps the primary leader and other riders by not requiring them to slow to a crawl or constantly alter the pace as could otherwise happen.

(Anton Kovalnogov (B)) #2

There are already some rides with yellow and red beacons. Pretty enough for me. Guess its not so easy to find 3 leaders for the ride, i happy if there is one yellow but good enough in terms of pace instructions.

(Hans Laakso SZR) #3

Of course many beacons can be confused ! But riders in our community asking should be nice to have second leader in big group of riders. Sliver beacon should be a option before the event. If no need dont activate. Leaders can select what they want before the Event. Why not flexible game