Search Workouts by Stress Points (TSS)

(Ironman Angolano) #1

Hi Guys, 

Ive just switched over from Trainer Road and one of the things I miss is the ability to have my coach prescribe my workouts based on TSS.  With TR we can search workouts by TSS, duration, and Intentisy, but I havent seen the option to search for workouts on any of these here on Swift.  Can you please provide some support as to how I can go about searching on the above mentioned basis? Alternatively I see myself having to scroll through all the workouts until I find a suitable one for what I need to do that day.


(Paul Allen) #2

Zwift is making some changes in the next release and I was told that there would be some changes to the Workouts. They did not specify what would be changing, but did say the changes will be released mid January.

(Reinier PAAUWE PelotonRacing) #3

Some ability to search and filter through workouts would be tremendous! Let’s hope something like that is coming…

(James Roth ZVA) #4

You can search by length, TSS and other things here

(Paul Allen) #5

You shouldn’t have to go to a 3rd party site for something that should be in Zwift to begin with. Seems lately Zwift only cares about races and group rides and are ignoring the workout and solo riders.

I had high hopes for the latest update since I was told there would be improvements to the workout module, but the “improvements” were just more fluff and no meat.