Screen frozen

Me screen now regularly froze during rides. Apple TV setup. Even if I exit the app and return it is still frozen. I never had any issues. Advice?

Hi @Ernst_Retief_8401

Sorry to hear that you’re having this issue. You mentioned that if you exit the app, and go back to it, the screen is still frozen. That sounds like the app is not fully closing.

On the Apple Tv, it’s common that when you think you’re exiting the app, it’s really getting backgrounded. On the Apple Tv, it’s suggested to always force close the Zwift app when you’re done. If you’re unsure on how to do that, check out the instructions in >this support article<.

If you’re still encountering this issue, try uninstalling the Zwift app off the Apple Tv, then reinstall a fresh copy from the app store and see if that helps. If still having issues, try a full reset of the Apple Tv. This will clear out any and all old information. Once reset, make sure that all operating system updates are done, then reinstall the Zwift app, and see if that helps with the freezing issue. Keep us updated on how this goes.

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