Same setup inside and outside?

Hi everyone! I’m pretty new to Zwift (level 15), and cycling in general. I’m primarily a runner, but have been working to bring more cycling to my workouts over the last few months. I’m signed up for a Du in the spring, and am looking to setup the pain cave to work while running and cycling, both indoors and out.
For indoors, I’m currently using an Apple TV to run Zwift, a Wahoo Kickr v2 for power, a garmin chest strap for HR, and a cadence sensor on my pedal. I have the companion on my iPhone, and all of them connected to the Apple TV for Zwifting.
When running I use the HR strap and a foot pod, with Zwift on an iPad. That lets me use the Apple TV for watching shows while on the treadmill. :smiley:
All of that works great, but won’t really help me when I train outdoors.
I’m thinking about getting some new toys to help me have the same setup indoors and out. My understanding of the tech is “pretty good”, so I’m looking for input. Please let me know if I’m on the right track, or making it more complicated than it needs to be.
For the bike, I’m thinking about adding Garmin Rally Power meter pedals, and an Edge 540.
For running, I’m thinking about upgrading my current Forerunner to a 265 or 965.
The goal would be to use the watch to connect the PM pedals, do heart rate, and cast to the Edge during multisport. That should take care of everything outside. I believe the watch can also connect to the Apple TV for inside and cycling/running on Zwift.

Any gaps in my logic? Anything I could do more efficiently?
Thanks in advance for the help!!