Running Pod in Brisbane

Hi team, I would like to use the running app. Where can I buy a running pod that is compatible? I live in Brisbane, Qld Australia. Zwift does not ship to Australia. Thanks for your help.

What device are you running Zwift on?

If it’s a PC, or an Android tablet/phone with ANT+, you can still find old Adidas ANT+ footpods on eBay. Look for “Micoach Speed Cell”. Many come with the ANT+ USB dongle you need for a PC.

Hi CJ I’d like to use the Zift app via my phone at the gym. Just need something simple to connect to the app. It doesn’t look like Zwift ship to Australia unfortunately.

What phone? If Android, install this app and test for ANT+:

If Android with no ANT+, install these libraries:

You will still need a USB-OTG adaptor (“mini hub” will do) and ANT+ USB stick.

All of the above would permit an Android phone to connect to an ANT+ footpod. This is the one you buy from eBay: Adidas Micoach Speed Cell IPHONE Ipod PC Mac Shoes Sender Sports Football Chip | eBay

If iPhone, you’re going to have to spend more. The NPE-CABLE pod will convert an ANT+ signal to Bluetooth: CABLEINFO - CABLE - Connect ANT+ to BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

However, the NPE-CABLE pod is out of stock so you’d have to find one of those on the used market or wait for them to ship again. (I own one - they work great for bridging ANT+ sensors to BLE-only devices)

Sorry CJ I use an iphone

Under armour bluetooth running shoes, connect to zwift with no issue, might do the job, i use them for walking on a treadmill with zwift on an android tablet, very simple to use

Have you not got anyone in the US or UK or could purchase on your behalf and post it out to you?

Thanks Rob, no, unfortunately. I was hoping an Admin person might make a comment here. It’s hard to contact Zwift direct to get some assistance.


There are numerous options.

It’s been mentioned but a pair of under armour BT enabled trainers can do it simple enough.
Look on eBay for a foot pod. I’ve once i don’t use but not sure how much postage would be to you.
Stryd are the market leaders but quite expensive.
There are apps that can send the treadmill speed to Zwift either manually or automatically of the gym treadmills are BT enabled.

Three are also heart rate monitors that can report speed as well as watches.

Lots of options.

There number of business will get the item on you behalf then ship to Australia

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