Running Cadence / Steps Per Minute

Running in Zwift is great, especially now I have a RunSocial Tread Tracker to accurately transmit my treadmill speed. BUT… to improve my running form, I would like to transmit my running cadence and see it on-screen too. I have a MileStone foot pod that should be up to the job?? :slight_smile:

I totally agree, running in Zwift with a MilestonePod is great !!! Having the running cadence (fpm) on screen just like rpm when cycling would be needed … 

Thanks to the Zwift and MilestonePod teams for making my indoor runs some much better.

Just can’t wait for you guys to integrate my indoor swimming :wink:

Totally agree running cadence should be seen on the screen. Wahoo Tickr Run available to transmit running cadence in zwift.