RUNN; Game speed much higher than paired device screen

I have over 1000 miles using the Runn sensor on my treadmill. About a month ago they speed was way off. Figured it needed to be reset/recalibrated. The Runn speed matches my treadmill very closely. When I’m on the Paired Devices screen where you select the Runn sensor it shows the proper speed of my treadmill, but when I go into the game the speed is 2mph faster regardless of treadmill speed. This is woth no one on the treadmill. I reached out to Zwift and they blame the Runn, but how would it be? The speed shown in ConfigureEZ matches the treadmill which matches the speed on the pairing screen on Zwift. Go to the game and the speed is immediately different. Ideas?

When you did the calibration did you do this in Zwift using the spanner icon or using Configurez?