Run pod price increase?

I bought a run pod a few weeks ago for $39.99 CAD and today I went to buy a second one for my boyfriend so that we can maintain our own gait calibrations and I was surprised to see that the run pod now costs $52.99 CAD. I went to check on the USA site and saw that it no longer costs $29.99 but now $39.99. Is this a mistake?

In Canada, it would be good to keep the price under $45-50 as I’ve been raving about Zwift to many runners here and one of the selling points was that the run pod was under $40.

I would really love a promo code to give to my fellow runners the chance to buy the pod at the old price that is if you cannot bring the price back to its original price point. It feels a bit like a money grab before the holidays but to be honest, a lower price point at $40 CAD will increase your user base.

Thank you for your consideration.


It costs more to ship it to Australia than it does to purchase it… sadly.

I bought it from Amazon and had it shipped for next to nothing… check Amazon’s pricing for Canada just to make sure it hasn’t increased like the Zwift website.

I second Katy’s suggestion. I literally had the RunPod in my Cart and it still shows it as $39.99CAD until I try to check out. I’m very disappointed at the timing of this price increase as well. They could’ve at last waited until Jan 1st, OR announced an upcoming price increase. It surely sounds like a holiday cash grab to me! Unfortunately, this means I won’t try out Zwift for the time being. Hope Zwift considers rolling back the price or offers promo codes to those who request for one.

Thanks for posting Katy!

Hi Keith, I wrote to with almost the exact text I posted and they were kind enough to give me a one time promo code for $13 off as many run pods as I would like to buy so I would encourage you to email them, as they will likely give you a promo code too as it was a recent increase. I would imagine that they won’t do this forever as they want to reap in more revenue but it doesn’t hurt to try :slight_smile:


Hi Katy,

Thanks for the suggestion! Prior to checking back on this thread just now, I actually gave up the idea of trying out the RunPod this year due to my bad luck with the pricing.
I’m glad you were able to get a promo code by writing to Zwift! I just emailed them to see if they would consider providing me with one as well. I explained I literally had the item in my cart with the old price still displayed after the increase had taken effect. As a matter of fact, it still shows as $39.99CAD in my cart RIGHT NOW lol. I guess my browser somehow cached the old price to this day. Until I go to the payment page when the new price pops up.

Thanks again for the suggestion!