$7 to ship a $20 running pod?

This is only the second time in memory that I have called a company out for charging high shipping prices. I used to code ecommerce sites and get that shipping can be a revenue stream. The running pod is 13 grams and is on sale for $20 however the cost to ship is $7. Is it worth it? I just shipped a pair of bike shoes for $5. I was on the fence with buying this product, preferring to run outside unless it snows like today. Customer Service suggest I post about this on the forum, so here I am wondering if I’m making too big a deal about this or not.

runpod kinda only worth it for running on a treadmill indoors.
but if u do that a lot, in front of a big screen, then yea it’s alright.
+yea shipping cost is a bit OTT :smiley:

I paid £8 last week for shipping on some £10 closure straps for Sidi Genius 4, which are probably lighter than 13g…