Run Calibration - multiple speeds but longer duration during calibration

I appreciate the attempt to include multiple run speeds during calibration, but the current format of 40 seconds at each speed (including the lag time for the treadmill to adjust to the new speed) doesn’t work for my treadmill setup. I have a SOLE F83 which takes a fairly long time to get to a new speed (frankly whether I’m speeding up OR down).

It would be great if the user could adjust the time spent at the 3 points to a longer duration to give the treadmill time to catch up. Or alternately allow the user to indicate during calibration when the treadmill has reached the intended speed.

Another alternative would be to allow the user to select whether to use multi-speed calibration or the previous single-speed protocol.

My calibration is now WAY off and I’m hoping I can still run an older version of the app on a different iPad so I can use the single speed calibration which seemed to work better for me.


I think it would work if they added a gap between the calibration points to allow for the treadmill to change speed, and allow you to set how long that should be. My treadmill takes about 20s to adjust from one speed to the next. So if I could enter a 20s gap I’d be sorted.