RPM display intermittently goes to zero then self-corrects

Hi everyone - first time poster here. I’m seeing an odd behavior with my zwift/kickr/appletv setup where my RPM readout on the screen will quickly go to 0, then snap back to where it was. using the cadence device that came with my kickr, attached to my left shoe, top near the front. appletv is only a few feet away. also using the zwift companion app on an iPhone. happens maybe once every 8-10 seconds. Aside from the annoyance factor, I’m wondering if it might be messing with my ride watts, and perhaps lowering my overall output/speed for the ride. I think I’ve got the latest updates to everything - just started noticing this in (I think) the last 5-6 days or so. Wondering if this might be a known issue? Thanks for any info/suggestion you might have. Cheers!