Rpm and power

I don’t seem to be able to match rpm and power requirements when needed,e.g. in 4 week FTP builder program.  Power is fine,but rpm is too slow to match power-by the time I peddle slow enough for rpm, the power is way down.


any ideas?

I don’t know your fitness level or your riding characteristics.

I assume your bike and trainer are operating correctly.

I have had the same experience and I interpret it as the training program is trying to get me out of my usual comfort zone in order to get my muscles to change.

The short answer to your question is downshift and peddle faster.

This pushes you out of your comfort zone because that is what the trainer wants you to do.


Thanks for the feedback Tim, appreciate it.

however, if I downshift and peddle faster, my rpm goes up in order to acheive necessary power. 

The 4 week FTP builder dictates rpm and power - it seems very difficult to acheive, not from a strength/endurance standpoint, but just from a simple “slower means less power, in same gear ratio”.


i will keep trying.


By the way, I am “novice” level, and new to Zwift - just trying to keep fitness levels up after giving up soccer (bad knee)


Thanks again

Hi Colin, you could enable ERG mode for the workout. This will hold the trainer at the prescribed wattage and you then can focus on pedaling at the target cadence. If ERG mode is off and you are matching either power or cadence but not both, you may just have to shift gears to find the right combo of cogs to get you where you need to be in order to match both power and cadence.

To use your example from above … If “power is fine, but rpm is too slow,” it sounds like you need to shift to an easier gear – which will drop the power – but increase your cadence to the target cadence, to bring the power back up to match the target power again.

Sometimes you have to shift up and sometimes shift down, depending on the interval. Your bike likely has a gear combination that will allow you to match (or come very close to) the prescribed power and cadence targets. But it can take some sorting out, and can be tricky on the really short intervals.

Ride on!

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