When it rains for a day or two and I ride in the real world, sometimes one of the ditches at the side of the road fills up and drains across the road to the other ditch. When I ride through it, I create a cool “roostertail.” When I’m riding behind someone, they spray me with their roostertail if I’m not careful!

In the tunnels under the mountain on the Jungle Circuit, there are pools of water on either side of the path. Why not have one of them fill up a little more than the other so that water runs across the path and have riders create roostertails? Even better, if a rider is creating a roostertail and there’s another rider behind them, have the roostertail spray that rider - have water drops splattered across the computer screen and then have them blow off and dry up?

A little frivolous maybe but it might be kind of fun. Maybe not a constant feature but one that comes and goes at random.