Rollers supported with future updates?

Any chance future updates will include power curves uploaded for basic rollers such as Krietlers in the varying drum sizes?

If you’re referring to virtual power curves, then it’s unlikely as we don’t currently have a way to accurately measure the resistance unit on rollers and translate that the same way that we do for classic trainers.

@Jason K: Elite publishes the speed/power curve for their rollers so you should be able to support this brand.

@Chris Murray I use my rollers on Zwift quite successfully. I have Elite magnetic rollers with 3 levels of resistance and my bike has a power meter. Get a power meter. They are really cheap now. Get a power2max. They are having a sale.

SportCrafters also publishes the power curve for their rollers as well. TrainerRoad uses this data for their virtual power feature. more information here:

If SportCrafters was a supported trainer I would sign up immediately.

Ditto aaron!  The power curve is published and feels very accurate on TrainerRoad.  I tried Zwift with my Sportcrafters resistance rollers and could not even come close to keeping up with others.  Resigned for a year with TR…no Zwift for me in 2017/2018