Robopacer "warm up"

It would be great to start a “robo pacer” session with a “warm up”:

I propose to be able to select an option to extend the “assisted pedalling” when joining a robo pacer, so that if you want you could use that to proper warm up.

You may use companion app to disable the assisted pedalling when you are ready, or you can set a timer when joining.

Even better: to select a warmup workout (progressive effort) while attached (with the invisible rubber band) to the robopacer (as in a meet up), after finishing the warmup… go!

Yes please! I want more than a handful of seconds to get my legs warmed up for a Robopacer ride, and crack the :poop:s with having to warm up, quit to the menu, then join my preferred Robopacer.

Once the Teleport feature is released (supposedly fairly soon) you should be able to start with a slower pacer and then migrate to harder ones without starting a new ride.