Robo pacer - Constance

Dropped into Constance twice yesterday. First time was left nowhere near her. Waited, then quit. Next, dropped with her, rode with her a few minutes, then she (and small pack) went left and I went right.

All other robo pacers appear to operate as expected.

Both rides we too short to save.

Yes, there are a number of bugs affecting the A-grade bot.

Friday evening as we dropped her at the top of the Volcano KOM, on the right turn to go back down from the top of Volcano she got annoyed by our speed and did a U-turn to go back the other way.

Many Watopia routes are broken which might explain this. I’m going to ride elsewhere unless I’ve verified that the route works. With 1.39 they would need to move all the pacers to known good routes. Holiday in France?

Or in the Jungle. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve had this exact same bug with other bots including Yumi and Coco, it is not restricted to Constance

This should be fixed in 1.40 (next week)