Road Surface Legend

When selecting a route to ride, there is an animation of the route drawn in white. May I suggest using a non white color for the sections that are not paved.

Yes! Good idea!

this exact thought crossed my mind last night when i was riding makuri. awesome idea!

here is a mock up, using yellow to signal gravel/dirt roads


it’d be nice if it showed it on the mini-map while you ride, too, so you could see what’s coming up (or what the surface is if you turn vs. go straight)


Cracking suggestion

Is there some place that shows which routes contain gravel/dirt and which do not? I actually prefer the road and dislike gravel, and it seems like every route anymore has at least some gravel.

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@John_Pomidor this is the only map that I know of, and it is just for Watopia.

The dirt sections are shown in brown.

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maybe have a look at this map


Hi @OliveroDaPeli

Where did you get that map, it look really nice.

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same question, where did that map come from?

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Looks like Zwift Insider?

i am not allowed to send a link here. Don´t know why. Here you could download as .pdf too.

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Are you worried about virtual punctures :slight_smile:

I think you should be alright on any route in the following worlds:
New York

Nice map, thanks to whoever made it!

Still, I think it would be a really nice quality of life improvement to include it in the route selection (and topology too…). As an extremely quick fix, the surface mix could be added to route descriptions in the client: “3.2 km dirt surface, 7.7 km paved”, and so on.

There’s a dirt road to Mt Fuji? :slight_smile:
Note it’s not marked as a rideable road – it’s a tease, like the dirt roads in the France map. But perhaps the next expansion…

you see, the dirt path ends right in front of Mount Fuji…

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Good map! To add to this, we could also have a percentage or absolute distance display of the road surface for the given route (perhaps to the right of the elevation).

There’s a lot that could be improved about this “select your route” view, when you think about it. A full 3d view of the route with elevation, segments, where the KOM/sprints are located, etc. could really make this view more useful than it is.

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