Riding with friends impossible (STILL). Can we finally make some improvements Please

(Michael Mc Colley) #21

Did the new update solve the problem? I’m new to Zwift and want to ride with friends in the next week. Has it become much easier? . From what I’ve read up to now it’s been a nightmare

(Ryan Boyd 9811) #22

The update solved almost all of the problems. I have only 1 complaint. I wish there was an option to toggle multiple leaders so that we both have a beacon above our heads. Its easy to see me in the pack but I cant see him. Apart from that its been perfect so far.

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(David Armstrong, TX ) #23

Yes, we need to be able to select or mark up to 3 riders from the list of riders, and the game should be able to keep track of them, or at least for races and group rides, and toggle between them and the rest of the group… but I don’t want a bunch of toggles like the view toggle. OMG ,do we really need 8 camera angle views. need a front and back.