Rides not sticking to the kg power set at start

(David Kendall (WSR)) #1

Once again I join a ride that’s well within my power output only to find instead of the 2200-2800 stated I am pushing over 3kg on flats and over 4kg on hills. We get told easy at start and leader is off the front with us doing 40 mph to catch up. For a big ride at moderate pace NY is not the place to go to many up hills that split the ride. I was not the only one that complained in ride that lasted 5 miles for me

(Alexander Perdon) #2

The main issue is that not all people have the same weight. When I join a group ride and for example 2,5 watt/kg is called, then I multiply this by 80kg and go for 200watt.

But I fully agree that NY is not a great place for any group ride at all. The Innsbruckring is however great since the riders with lower raw wattage but high watt/kg can take some advantage on the hill and try to keep up after on the flats.

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #3

You should said a ticket to Zwift with the ride information and the name of the leader so that they can investigate.

There is a big difference if the ride leader weigh a lot more than you then you need to put out a lot more power on the flats, but you will go up the hill a lot quicker.

(David Kendall (WSR)) #4

I have ridden with this group a few times and been ok but this was the second day in a row that I have joined a ride and the kg was not stuck to. The five miles I rode today I did 3 new PB’s on a course I have rode a few times. I know that the kg is different to riders but was just annoyed that the start was more like a race than the moderate ride that was posted. At 70 years old I have done plenty of riding over the years and fast starts don’t suit me now.

(Steve Ellis) #5

One of the reliable series is the group rides hosted by PACK. There are other groups that also don’t exceed the published target.

(Ruby Kurosawa) #6

As soon as you get dropped you’re stuffed and with NYC it’s so easy for splits to form. People are always hammering the little hills at 4w/kg and then the big group draft makes it impossible to chase back on the downhill. It’s not helped by people who join group rides and then fly off at the start like it’s a race.

I wonder if a distance/time to beacon display would be useful. The big yellow beacon is useful for those behind but those in front have no idea where the beacon is. The rider list on the right of the screen is only useful for the handful of riders near you.

(Cee Morbutz) #7

Group rides are almost always ridden at a higher w/kg rating than advertised. A simple solution is to have automated ride leaders who nail the advertised ride power/weight rating. You can choose to follow the leader or go off on your own.