Rides at set power

Hello, with rides that are open to all groups why are they set using power settings and not speed, I’m a lightweight so I have to ride at a much higher power to keep up than say someone 20kgs heavier than me. This then loses the reason for rides (social, easier after racing etc) Find myself at racing power just to keep up with the pack which negates reason for joining a ride.

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The reason is to give some guidance on where you should be riding. If you are a light rider then pic a group lower (for group rides).
The hardest part of a group ride is up the climbs that is where w/kg is the important factor and that is why it is used. On flat roads it is more about raw power.

A good ride leader will know if he/she is heavy to stay at the low end of the range of set w/kg where a light leader will keep on the upper side for flat roads.

Another thing is people tend to over estimate there ability, group rides should be in the lower part of the blue zone (Z2) pick a ride that will put you there, then you will have some range if there is a climb or you have a dropout.

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Isn’t that the wrong way round Terry?

If you are lighter, you ride at the same speed as somebody heavier than you who is putting out more power.

Lighter rider - 70kg rider at 190W equals 2.7w/kg
Heavier rider - 90kg rider at 243W equals 2.7w/kg

So the heavier rider has to put out 53W more to maintain the same speed up a hill.

I’m guessing he’s saying that he has to ride at a higher w/kg to keep up with heavier riders, on the flat. I.e. to put out a similar wattage to them where their weight won’t count against them.

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But that’s just like the real world isn’t it? In my example, if the heavier guy continues to put out 243W then the smaller guy would need to put out the same. So it’s just a matter of choosing the correct w/kg group as per what Gerrie said.

Oh sure, I’m not disagreeing.

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its a problem with the categorisation of rides. As a light rider myself where a lot of rides are flat, and by flat I mean not the Alpe or Epic KOM, sure there are some 5 minute climbs but unless its say Surrey Hills, Group rides and races spend a lot of time on flat terrain where its more about watts than w/kg. Zwift really need a different way to categorise rides.

For group rides no one is going to call you out for choosing a lower group so just drop down a level :+1:

Don’t think so as it is watts per kilo, isn’t it? So my 62kgs at 1.5 w/kg I will produce 93 watts and the 80 kgs man will produce 120 watts, that means he will be faster at the same rpm, please tell me if my maths are wrong, islong since I was at school ! ! !

Garry, am D group rider so cant get lower ! Besides rides are not usually categorized, with races we have groups so that is good, though I do have problem understanding how some people in the same group get so far away, guess will have try.harder.
Ride on !

Gerrie, thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it. Most of the time I can keep up but only by going well in excess of the w/kg the ride is supposed to be ridden at, which was the point of my message.
Ride on

Yes he may be a bit faster but not a lot, remember on the flat you have wind resistance and heavier people are taller and wider so more wind resistance.

Ignore those people and stay with the ride leader.

There are groups that do beginner rides. Lower than 1.5w/kg. Look up the Herd.