Power in competitin

Good afternoon, I noticed that very often in event, if I eat in the general group, I see that I am driving for example 4.5 w/kg and next to me who is eating a total of 3.7 w/kg, or when I go up, sometimes I notice this, in the end I can finish in 5th… place and the first place is the average power nide than mine, what am I doing wrong ???

On the flat lighter people need a higher w/kg to stay with other people. Drafting obviously has a big effect too.

Thank you, I often compete with men and my weight is 55 kilograms. I will try to sit in a group more and drive less ahead without the need😊

Drive on the hills. Hide on the flats.

Thanks!!! but what is the best way to set the difficulty of the trainer to 50 or 100%???

Less and you’ll feel the hills hurt less. I normally race at 100 but if there are lots of changes of gradient there is an advantage to 50% because you have to change gears less and changing gears takes time.

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thank you sir!!!:blush:

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I have heard in the past that some racers like to have the difficulty set around 30% but you can play around with the settings to get it where you like it the best.

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