Questions about results and average watts

Hey guys,

I did a 100 km ride yesterday and am wondering about the results now.
There are people with less watt per kg and less average watts but they were quicker than me.
Can someone explain to me why that is and how that stuff actually works? I’m new to this.

Thanks :blush:

Which course was it? A lot of climbing, or relatively flat? W/kg is going to be a lot more important when climbing and less important on the flat, and someone who is lighter will overall need less power to go faster.

There’s also drafting, and various powerups. If I sat behind you while we were riding, taking advantage of your draft, we’d do the same distance in the same time and I’d use a lot less power.

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For 100km ride, its going to be draft and group ride speed that allows that to happen


Got it, thanks :slight_smile:
It was quite flat, something in France.

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