Rider Weight Setting & Its Effect on Zwift

I am wondering if I have my Avatar’s weight set up lighter than my actual body weight, what will the effect be on Zwift considering I am using a Saris Hammer smart trainer?

I won’t suggest changing your weight to anything different than your real weight.

But I would think the same would happen as if you lost a lot of Weight IRL, or the difference between riding a heavy bike and a very light bike IRL.

there are many bike speed calculations on the internet where you can enter you power and weight and it will calculate your speed and time over distance. Zwift use a similar calculation.

Great! Thanks for the quick reply…I did the Giro yesterday but had my avatar set up with my son’s weight from his ride the other day…so 40lbs lighter than my weight…my question is, was my avatar going faster or slower than it should have with the correct weight or is the Hammer simply sending the wattage to Zwift so it doesn’t matter the rider weight?

You probably went a lot faster. Your hammer does not know your weight it only report the power produced.

Weight Doper! :rofl:

I wish can do that in real :joy::joy::joy:

The watts/kg calculating your speed. Someone with more weight automatically pushes higher watts so it’s kind of cheating when you set ur weight under your actual weight.

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