Rider Stats from Strava

(Mark Ley RaceWBR) #1

Rather than having to update items like my rider weight in Zwift, if you’ve enabled the Strava connection, have Zwift pull that data from Strava at startup time.  Then I only need to update in one place (Google Fit) and it will flow down through all my account.

Rider height would be the same (but this isn’t something that I change often (i.e never).

(Isaac Bergman) #2

It could pull the data from iOS’s HealthKit (perhaps with a rolling 30-day average weight applied to weed the outlier measurements).

I have a Withings connected scale so the data is readily available, and there are other such connected scales- Fitbit Aria, Garmin Index, Wahoo Balance, Polar Balance, Withings Body Cardio, iHealth Core, etc.