Rider not centred on map

Since the last update the map is not centred correctly. Instead, the rider is shown at the top of the map, under the transparent metrics panel. I cannot seem to re-centre the map or give thumbs-up to nearby riders.

Companion App? If so … I’ve had the same.

Close and reopen. It’s a nuisance workaround but you only need to do it once.

ETA: Android if Zwift HQ are looking in

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Sounds like this issue

As David said. Except I just (companion app) go to home screen, then return to game screen. Back to normal. @Adam_Woolstencroft

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I’ve had that happen a few times recently too, I force close the companion app and then it is fine… also on android

RESOLVED – Thanks for your responses. I tried closing and clearing the cache. In the end, going back to the home screen and then back to th game screen worked for me.