Rider list in iOS app

Hi.  I was riding earlier (custom workout) using the iOS app (iPad mini) and touched and held my finger on the rider list, and it disappeared.  I assume this is a feature but how do I get it back during the  ride?

Also, is there some issue with giving ride ons from the iOS app while doing a workout?  I did not seem to be able to do so?


You can hide the rider list in iOS with a right swipe gesture, and redisplay it by swiping left from the right hand side. It’s a bit touchy and you may have to repeat once or twice to find exactly the right place to touch. 

I’ve never been able to give ride ons from within the app while doing a workout, but have never been able to figure out if this is by design or not.

Thanks, Steve.  I will try swiping.

Did the entire list disappear or did the data on the rider list disappear? If the entire list went, then yes a left swipe will bring it back. But I have noticed on a couple rides/races that the riders names on the list disappear. Its very frustrating on a race not knowing how far ahead/back competitors are. Any ideas on this?

In my case a left swipe brought the list back.

I was riding earlier today and for a minute or so everyone but me disappeared, both from the list and the road. Then they all came back.